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  • Building a community for your clients, or potential clients outside of social media is essential. This provides a space where you are able to establish a proper professional rapport with them, as well as communicate with them on your own terms. 


    Depending SOLELY on social media in order to reach your clients, is highly discouraged. If social media were to shut down temporarily, or even permanently; you should have a personal platform that your  clients can, and would easily know to access to stay in touch with your brand.


    When building your community, and even once you have successfull done so, email campaigns are imperative. They are what you use to communicate with your community, clients + supporters directly.


    Email Campaigns, COMBINED with Social Media amongst other marketing tactics, is the way to go.


    Whether you desire to keep your community/clients in the know about your Sales, Personalized Content, Product Launches, Newsletters, etc. No matter what your marketing strategy calls for, we can make your email campaigns stand out. Email Campaigns can assist with boosting your engagement and build customer loyalty with personalized content, product recommendations, and more.



    Service Time Frame: 10 Business Days. (Expedite/Rush service is available)


    Please Note - The processing time can exceed the listed time, if there is a delay in client submitting over the necessary information and content.


    File Types:

    - JPEG or PNG


    SKU: 0007
    Price Options
    Weekly Campaign
    Send 1 Campaign a Week + Save
    $70.00every week until canceled
    Monthly Campaign
    Send 1 Campaign a Month + Save
    $70.00every month until canceled

      Please Email over the following: All Verbiage, Text, Sale or Promo Information, and inspiration photos; which you desire to include in your email campaign. 

      EMAIL TO:

      SUBJECT LINE: FIRST & LAST NAME - Email Campaign

      PLEASE NOTE: All wording, verbiage and/or text MUST be emailed over in an editable/ typed format. Pictures, Screenshots, writing on paper etc. will not be accepted.

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