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    A Brand Suite is a short and easy-to-read document that includes all the visual elements of a brand. Depending on the package selected, it can include variations of a logo, brand colors, typography (font), and graphic elements such as textures, patterns, and styled imagery.


    It is basically a road map/ blueprint of your branding, that comes with instructions on how to implement each brand element. Your brand board is a reference guide that can and should be shared with your printer, web designer, developers and anyone who is working on your business’s branding. As it will provide them a reference sheet. This is important because it allows all content, graphics and elements associated with your brand to be cohesive across the board, no matter who the graphic designer may be.


    Brand boards are usually created by the graphic designer who helped a client with their logo and web design, or one that is able to capture their brand storty best.


    Your Brand Identity introduces your brand before you have a chance to. Having customized, solid, strong, professional and cohesive brand across the board; brand foundaton is important to the success of your company. Allow the design experts here at I. Smith +Co to curate a made for you, strong + professional brand identity suite that will elevate your brand/business to new levels.



    What you will receive :

    • Text Based Logo, Image Based Logo or Logo Touch Up (If you already have a logo)
    • Alternate logo
    • Submark logo
    • Color palette
    • Typography/Fonts
    • Textures/Patterns
    • Brand inspiration



    Service Time Frame: 3 WEEKS (not included weekends) (Expedite/Rush service is available)


    Please Note - The timeframe can exceed this time if there is a delay in client submitting over the necessary information and content.


    Logo files come in: - JPEG + PNG (Transparent Background) 


    SKU: 0016

      Please Email over any content/information that you desire for me to include. Also include verbiage that you desire to include in your email campaign. 

      EMAIL TO:


      PLEASE NOTE: All wording, verbiage and/or text MUST be emailed over in an editable/ typed format. Pictures, Screenshots, writing on paper etc. will not be accepted.

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